Updating a table from another table in sql server

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Try like this update [Table A] x set Earliest Tap Start = ( select Tapstart from ( select tapid,min(tapstart) from [Table B] )y where x. HSID If you are familer with CTE, YOu can do also with CTE's How do I INSERT or UPDATE an array of values without iteration?Update a table from another table Update query Update using XQuery float to decimal Insert Records in Table on Update Trigger Update Trigger Always fires?HSID (int, PK)Earliest Tap Start (datetime) Tap ID (int, PK) HSIDTap Start (datetime) So, for each HSID, there are multiple Tap IDs in table B (and multiple Tap Start dates).I want to run an update query that will determine the earliest Tap Start for each HSID in Table B and update Earliest Tap Start in Table A (to the corresponding HSID, of course).So I'm putting this here, so that the act of typing it out might help cement the entire thing in my mind.Also, I find it amusing that if you to do this in My SQL you basically write all the same things in a completely different order.So here it is: ' followed by the alias of the table (you don't need to say the table's name there) And (contrary to what some internet randos will tell you) you don't need to add a where clause to stop the update from applying to all rows of the table.

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How can I update three columns in table A from three columns in table B in one UPDATE statement?I've written the following but there's a problem with the syntax. INSERT INTO Polling Places(PLACE, VCFull Addr, VCAddr, VCCity, VCZip, Phone, Alias Link) Select Vote Centers. Soooooooooo, this is going to be one of those boring SQL-Server posts.Despite writing T-SQL day in day out since forever, I often forget the syntax for an UPDATE statement that JOINS with another table (possibly itself).

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