Teaching teenagers dating violence

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Our Domestic Violence 101 for Teens presentations empower adolescents to create healthy relationships—and to seek support when needed—through a developmentally appropriate introduction to teen dating violence and domestic violence.

These presentations help teens recognize potentially abusive relationships, better understand what creates a healthy relationship, and gain an understanding of how the cycle of violence may apply to their lives.

Support In a healthy relationship, partners offer a listening ear and encouragement for their significant other’s ideas and aspirations.

In bad times, a partner can be the one to turn to for comfort.

The teen dating violence prevention curricula are designed for educators to use with seventh through twelfth grade students in a classroom setting.

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We’re familiar with this topic as it pertains to adults, but many are surprised to find that dating abuse is so prevalent among adolescents and young people.

This means spending time with the people they like, dressing in ways that they choose, and participating in the activities that make them happy.

Mutual Respect Both people in the partnership should speak to each other respectfully.

Partners should avoid put-downs, even in the heat of a disagreement.

Limited Jealousy While the green-eyed monster is sometimes mistaken for caring, a good partner doesn’t make their partner feel guilty for spending time with family or friends instead of them.

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