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ended and I really wasn't sure what was next for me, I really blew up.

But I've gotten back in shape over the last year or so because of health reasons, not aesthetics.

When I entered the first season of , I compressed a vertebrae and that was very painful. And I realized something had to change, so I started working out more.

I wanted to lose that extra weight and strengthen my muscles so my bones wouldn't collapse on me.

Studio Album, released in 1979 Songs / Tracks Listing 1.

Yankees first baseman Bob Watson got things started with a three-run homer in the very first inning of Game 1, and the Yanks scored again in the third, knocking out Dodger starter Jerry Reuss in the process.

"Jon is also a writer, so he'll be bringing something to the table to add to the Yes mix," Squire notes.

"He's definitely a creative spirit, so we're looking forward to that new material with him, and hopefully we'll get a refreshed new Yes studio album." That, of course, will come after Yes hits the road March 1 to play 1971's "The Yes Album," 1972's "Close to the Edge" and 1977's "Going For the One" in 23 cities (some casino shows will only feature the first two).

I walk and listen to music and 10 minutes will go by, then 15, and then I'll speed up a bit. I jumped into a basketball game before I was ready and snapped my Achilles tendon. I have friends of all shapes and sizes, but we all know that the ones who aren't fat have better sex lives.He also says the band could do more full-album tours in the future with different titles from its catalog."We're going out with this format, with these albums, and we're trying it out," Squire says.Reggie Jackson homered in the top of the eighth to make it 8-7, but the Yankees could get no closer.The drama continued in Game 5, and once again the Dodger fans went home happy.

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