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Entry is by programme only and tickets can be brought from most newsagents in and around Sutton and Wallington; Those attending are advised to arrive early as roads will be closed and parking restrictions enforced, there is also no disabled parking.I reserve my feelings and the first "date" is all about reading that person. I watch how their lips form words, their eye movements, I watch their body language and listen, really listen to waht they say.I listen for tone and emtion in the words, I listen for the topics that they choose to speak about, I wtch their hand movements or lack there of, I pay attention to how much they touch me or how close they sit etc....All this week the sky will have be set ablaze by incendiaries as people celebrate the anniversary of the famous Gunpowder Plot, and the demise of Guy Fawkes more than 400 years ago.Ignoring the fact that many people nowadays would applaud his efforts to take out parliament, and the now rather embarrassing anti-Catholic sentiment behind the whole episode, November 5 provides a wonderful chance to rug up against the cold, light a bonfire and set off a firework or two from the back patio.

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