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Just click the Repair Service tab, and follow each of the steps in turn to stop the service, unregister and re-register its core components, and restart it, which hopefully should be enough to get everything working again.

There are potential problems include interference from, power tools, appliances light dimmer switches and especially solar geomagnetic storms, which are quite common.

It’s very accurate and it’s broadcast on a low frequency AM radio wave.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of AM broadcast issues which can potentially cause interference with the reception of the atomic clock signal being broadcast.

Atomic Clock Sync is a simple, small, portable tool which allows you to customise how often your PC updates its internal clock by referring to a more accurate online time server. If your PCs time begins to drift then this won't only mean that, say, files and folders will have the wrong time stamps.

If your system is on a network, for instance, then being set to the wrong time (by a significant margin) can cause all kinds of odd problems and errors.

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