Microsoft money not updating last updated field

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Allow user to cancel changes.- Improved Cash Flow Report.- Improved Custom SQL Report File Saving features.- Updated Help Files with improved Language support- Improve startup error handling.- Miscellaneous code improvements and bugfixes.

- Externals updated to wx SQLite3 V: 2.1.2 (sqlite3 V: New commands in Tools Menu for the Relocation of Categories and Payees.- New date format: YYYYMMDD- New user options for 'Transaction Dialog' behavior.

See How do I handle Multi-currency in Zuora for more information.

If you're not an Excel fan, but you need a few basic calculations, you can use Word.

We have parent record with a field for total and a single child with unit and rate.

Here’s an extremely simplified example of a plug-in.

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Your sprint backlogs are one of three classes of backlogs available to you.Its calculating feature is rudimentary and it certainly can't replace Excel.On the other hand, this feature is helpful when your primary need is word processing and not number crunching.Elsewhere, Microsoft Edge is being made more productive, with a new tab management feature that will make organising and finding saved tabs easier when browsing the web.A new feature for gamers, called Beam, is also on the way, which Microsoft says will enable gamers to better live stream games and interact with other members of the community from their computer.

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