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But the bidder, whose identity has been kept secret, was unable to come up with the cash, and five other lower bidders said they were not interested.Instead, he will open his home to buyers this weekend, hoping to sell it for up to £200,000.

Aside from material goods the successful bidder will also be given access to Mr Usher's friends and job.There are very few genuine old style satchels left which can still be used however.Before purchasing these satchels from e Bay I suggest you ask the seller if they are genuine. I purchase a bag of 10 a few days ago and found out about it from an e Bay seller that posted a listing on e Bay titled "How to Spot Non Genuine Australia Post Express 500g Small Satchel Selling Online".Because fan obsession knows no bounds, someone is selling a bag of air from Adele’s concert on e Bay. We realize that getting tickets to Adele’s concert can have a range of effects on the brain, but unless inhaling air from her the arena she performed in will somehow magically transmit her vocal talents to us, we’re not so sure about this, y’all.However, the numerous Adele fans who are bidding on this air that was supposedly collected from her March 13 concert in Australia are hell bound and determined to get a sample of it.

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