Dating a musician on tour

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We want what they have—for they are standing in their brilliance doing what they love. But we sometimes are misguided and think we want the hand in which we see it from. Forget the challenges of coordinating just two schedules—you’ve now got a third, the band’s Google Calendar. They were asked by their agents to be “available but unavailable.” It is often why musicians have the reputation of being charming schmoozer’s. They were branded to be this object, up on a stage. Back in the day musicians and many artists were made out to be sex icons.

Dating a musician is a lot like communism: It sounds good in theory, but in practice, it can leave you cold and frustrated, eating canned beets for dinner.

Next time you consider going out to dinner with that quirky-cute ukulele chick down the hall or your friend’s friend who plays guitar in a band that once opened for the Shins, make sure you read and memorize this list.

Thanks to Audrey Watts and Dave from the Tits In the Bad Ideas Hall of Fame, dating a musician ranks with having one more drink for the road, getting a credit card in college, or assuming that rash will clear up on its own.

Of the 619,626 people who reside in Nashville, according to the 2008 census, all but five are musicians.

At least that's how it feels when a girl walks into any bar, restaurant or grocery and takes a good hard look for potential suitors.

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